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Saving Articles to Read Later

With the rise of smart phones, net books and laptops, we have easy access to so much information.   If you are like me, whenever you have a few minutes to spare you check Facebook, Twitter, or other favorite websites.  The problem is that you often see something you want to look at, but just don’t have the time to so right then.

In the past I would either create a bookmark or send an email to myself as a reminder to visit it again when I had more time.  The problem with both of those solutions is that the information I saved was now competing for my attention with a lot of other unorganized pieces of information.

Recently I’ve turned to Read It Later.  This service helps you do just what you think…save things to read later.  They have addons for all the major browsers, as well as apps for the iPhone, iPad and Adroid devices (and much more).  Whenever and wherever you find content you want to read later, you can send it to your Read It Later account.  Than when you have time to actually sit and read, all your unread content is ready for you.

This has been very handy when browsing on my smart phone, but I’ve really started to use it a lot while checking Facebook and Twitter.  I know that if I come back to those services later, the information I wanted to look at will have been pushed off the front page and I’m likely to never remember to even look for it.  Now I can quickly add it to my Read It Later queue and come back to it when I have time.

For more information visit their website.

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